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  1. 1
    Compost Thermometer Probe Handle
    Compost Thermometer Probe Handle
    USD$59.94 (inc GST) USD$54.49 (ex GST)
  2. 2
    Reotemp Backyard Compost Thermometer
    Reotemp Compost Thermometer (Backyard)
    USD$70.51 USD$66.11 (inc GST) USD$64.10 USD$60.10 (ex GST)
  3. 3
    EM1 Effective microorganisms  Australia
    Effective Microorganisms EM1
    USD$26.44 (inc GST) USD$24.04 (ex GST)
  4. 4
    Reotemp heavy duty compost thermometer in compost windrow
    Reotemp Compost Thermometer Heavy Duty 5/16"
    USD$149.84 (inc GST) USD$136.22 (ex GST)
  5. 5
    Here is the compost tea teabag used in conjunction with a BioVital 200 compost tea brewer kit
    Australian Compost Tea Brewing Bag
    USD$74.92 USD$66.11 (inc GST) USD$68.11 USD$60.10 (ex GST)


Farm Composting

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This is a selection of Australian best compost and compost tea making equipment and ingredients. Here you'll find quality products for organic farming in Australia, products that will put life into your soil. Also listed are 

There are a few product pages to scroll through, Feel free to email us now with your questions.

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