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    Compost Thermometer Probe Handle
    Compost Thermometer Probe Handle
    USD$55.66 (inc GST) USD$50.60 (ex GST)
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    Reotemp Backyard Compost Thermometer
    Reotemp Compost Thermometer (Backyard)
    USD$65.48 USD$61.39 (inc GST) USD$59.53 USD$55.81 (ex GST)
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    EM1 Effective microorganisms  Australia
    Effective Microorganisms EM1
    USD$24.56 (inc GST) USD$22.32 (ex GST)
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    Reotemp heavy duty compost thermometer in compost windrow
    Reotemp Compost Thermometer Heavy Duty 5/16"
    USD$139.15 (inc GST) USD$126.50 (ex GST)
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    Here is the compost tea teabag used in conjunction with a BioVital 200 compost tea brewer kit
    Australian Compost Tea Brewing Bag
    USD$69.57 USD$61.39 (inc GST) USD$63.25 USD$55.81 (ex GST)



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Product Description

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10 litre BioActive PREMIUM Concentrated BREWING COMPOST

BioActive compost is quality tested for active biology levels by the SFI laboratory. This organic, scientifically tested compost is literally crawling with life (fungi, bacteria, protozoa, beneficial nematodes and other life). It is carefully designed to feed your soil so plants can get the organic nutrients they need.


If your soil tests show you need additional organisms, please contact us for a custom-designed compost. This compost is IDEAL FOR COMPOST TEA BREWING or COMPOST EXTRACTION for the home organic garden, landscaping, commercial sized applications as well as for direct boutique garden applications.

Use gloves when applying it so that the delicate microbes are not damaged. Ships in a protective, breathable box.

It will provide up to 6 Compost Tea/Extractions applications = 1500 litres of premium tea which can be applied at rates to give you 10,000 litres of Actively Aerated Compost Tea!

Features and benefits

  • Independently quality tested by SFI
  • Guaranteed biodiversity with EXCELLENT testing status
  • Includes a nematode and protozoa innoculant
  • Recommended for SFI Growers Programmes
  • can be tailored to suit your site and plants
  • Generic broad-scope applications
  • Soil Foodweb and water retention benefits
  • Will survive many months when properly stored and watered
  • Made under strict supervision and monitoring conditions via the Australian Soil Foodweb Institute, with instruction on soil test results by Dr Elaine Ingham with Australian SFI Director and Nematologist, Merline Olson.
  • Stimulates healthier soil with increased resistance to disease.

GroundGrocer BioActive compost aims to transfer the minimum organism biomass for each of the different groups in the soil or compost food web to the soil. You can apply it directly to the soil around your trees or other crops with confidence. As as it is one of the highest grade living, aerobic composts available in commercial quantities, you can also use it when brewing actively aerated compost tea.

BioActive Compost is made using thermal composting techniques as advocated by the Soil Foodweb (International standards), and it feels and smells great. Production has been rigorously supervised to create a rich, organic, living ingredient.

It is best to use compost within 60 days as the older it gets the less active it will be.

Keep in a shaded area, keep it moist and allow it to breath.

Need more information before purchasing?

Contact us now: sales@groundgrocer.com

Warranty Information

Guaranteed High quality compost that has been independently tested by the Soilfoodweb International laboratory In Limsore, NSW, Australia.

Copy of lab tests results provided with each purchase.

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