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Nutri-Tech Liquid Humus

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Product Description

Important Note: For product quantities of 200 litres or more please contact us for shipping rates.


Nutri-Tech Liquid Humus - Humic Acid based Bio-Stimulant

Humates are now recognised as the single most productive input in sustainable agriculture. They consist of humic and fulvic acid along with the raw humates (prehistoric plant matter) from which these powerful natural acids are derived. NTS has become a world leader in humate technology, having developed a product range which includes 14 humate options. The NTS humates are obtained from a super-active leonardite source. Leonardite is generally recognised as the 'champagne' of humates.

NTS Liquid Humus is a 12% humic acid liquid for use as a fertiliser, stabiliser/magnifier, plant growth stimulant, soil life activator and soil conditioner.

Liquid Humus is a rich dark brown liquid humic acid derived from potassium humates containing 12% humic acid and good levels of fulvic acid and ulmic acid. This is the most cost effective humic acid in the Australian marketplace and the quality is exceptional.

NTS Liquid Humus has organic certification with the Biological farmers of Australia (BFA.Registered Product 456AI).


Available in:


  • 1 litres
  • 5 litres
  • 20 litres
  • 200 litres
  • 1000 litres (please contact us before ordering this product)



  • Offers soil structure improvement by stimulating fungi to create a crumb structure for better water and oxygen intake and improved root penetration.
  • Natural chelating and complexing agent to help magnify nutrient absorption.
  • Increases the permeability of cells to increase nutrient uptake by up to 40%.
  • Contains and auxin-like growth stimulant than can enhance cell division and elongation.
  • Can buffer the effects of excessive elements (particularly sodium), toxic chemicals and heavy metals.
  • pH buffering capacity to help neutralise the problems associated with pH extremes.
  • Features a CEC of 450 which aids in moisture and nutrient retention.
  • Non toxic - microbe friendly.
  • Can extend the performance of urea in the soil by 60-80 days and buffers the burning effect of urea as a foliar.
  • Promotes seed germination in a shorter time.
  • Has an affinity for iron and can increase availability of this element in all soils.


  • Foliar: 1-5 litres per hectare
  • Soil/Fertigation: 10 litres per hectare
  • Sodium Management: 1-2 litres per hectare per irrigation
  • Detoxify Soils: Up to 50 litres per hectare
  • Stabilisation of Urea (both foliar and fertigation): 1-1.5 litres per 15-20 Kg or urea (or 5% dilution).
  • Seed Treatment: 5 litres per tonne




This is a BFA Certified product




Need more information before purchasing?

Contact us now: info@groundgrocer.com

Warranty Information

One year manufacturers warranty

Product Reviews

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  1. liquid humus 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Oct 2015

    Quik postage and awesome for the vegie garden,adding to compost tea also the compost heap itself. Plants LOVE IT!!!!!

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